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Al-Reeyada International School (ARIS), an English medium independent school, was founded in SY 2000 and is the first and only school in Al Ahsa to be an affiliated center of the University of Cambridge. Its mission is to provide quality education using the British curriculum which caters to different communities.

The school began with an average enrollment of 150 pupils, and 11 teachers, however since the inception of the school; it has tripled in number becoming a diverse and multinational environment.

During the past 10 yrs, ARIS has been conducting IGCSE, A-levels and SAT 1, preparing children to pursue their long life dream abroad.

ARIS aims to produce well- rounded citizens for the future, imparting the best knowledge to our students. ARIS exists as an educational institution where the school management and its teaching staff work hand in hand to achieve its goal towards fulfillment of its ultimate dream - the formation of a society of useful citizen who will be ready to serve their community, believing and embracing each and every child is unique as they come from different culture, religion and different walks of life.


The Logo of ARIS expresses its goal --- TO SEEK TO STRIVE BUT NOT TO YEILD!

Message from CEO - Owner

Mr. Mulhem.  CEO-Owner


First of all I would like to thank God the almighty for giving me this amazing opportunity, courage and determination  to be part of a great school that provides Al-Ahsa's foreign students with a high level of education.  With the help of my relentless team of staff, we have been able to accomplish our mission.

VISION;   to be the Students� FIRST CHOICE through their journey of knowledge

MISSION:   We are an empowered and inspired team of professionals who aim on shaping the future for the children of tomorrow.



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